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We are a registered tour agency, recognized by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh. We conduct angling, boating, river rafting and trekking activities, besides organizing eco-camps in wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in the state.

Located in the far east of India, Arunachal Pradesh can offer its guests an array of experiences, be it navigating fast-flowing rivers in a raft, exploring the exotic flora, or experiencing the thrill of catching a Golden Mahseer!

If you are game for such exciting experiences in your next vacation, Ane Siang Tours & Expedition can assure you one.

If you prefer an aesthetic vacation to an adventurous one, we can assist you there, as well. We offer our services in exploring the culture, heritage, art and crafts of Arunachal Pradesh. The state is home to 26 major tribes and more than 110 sub-tribes; you can participate in their colourful festivals, festivals that reflect the ancient practices of a people who have been living harmoniously in the cradle of nature for ages.

Ane Siang Tours & Expeditions also organizes trips to places of worship and pilgrimage such as the Parshuram Kund, the Shiv Linga in Ziro (the largest in Asia), and the 400-year-old Buddhist monastery in Tawang (the second largest in Asia). Apart from that, we offer our services for trips to archaeological sites like Malinithan, Gomsi, Itafort and Bhismaknagar. And we certainly assist in obtaining Protected Area Permit (PAP) and Inner Line Permit (ILP) from the state government.

Even if you dont have any particular preference, Arunachal Pradesh can still leave you mesmerized. After all, The Land of the Rising Sun isnt called a global biodiversity hotspot for no reason.

Arunachal Pradesh covers about 10 per cent of the total forest areas in the country, houses over 500 species of flowering plants, more than 540 species of orchids, 70-odd species of bamboo, and more than 250 species of mammals.